FIV Feral Education and Resources.  

We are a small organization dedicated to providing resources for people taking care of FIV and/or feral cats.

FIVER is dedicated to helping FIV+ cats find and stay in their homes.

We also provide resources for community cat caregivers and have published a free instruction manual for building outdoor feral cat shelters.
We are happy to give advice on feral or FIV+ cats.  We are not able to take or help you rehome any cats - FIV, feral or otherwise. FIVER Cats hopes to have a sanctuary for both types of felines in the future.  For now, we remain focused on providing resources to help FIV and feral cats.

Our FIV+ Cats 

Meet Mr. Pickwick: This big, gray and white FIV+ guy was a community cat, going house to house looking for food.  He was trapped as part of a TNR effort in the neighborhood and discovered to be friendly.  We adopted him knowing his FIV+ status and he fits the stereotype of the big, cuddly FIV guy.   You'll not find any teeth in his pictures; he suffered from stomatitis and had them removed.  He is much happier and healthier as a result.

Meet Gerald: This quirky brown tabby just showed up in our feral cat colony one day. He was too scared to come near us for months, but a few days before Christmas we found him shivering under the porch with an injured paw.  He let us put him right in the carrier, and the veterinarian visit showed him to be FIV+.  He made his convalescence at home with us and became a permanent part of the FIVER family. He has a great sense of humor and strikingly handsome looks.


Our Feral Cats

Datura, Tabby and Lana comprise our feral cat colony.  (Lana is the one pictured.) All 3 were neighborhood cats before we  were neighborhood people.  There was an earlier round of TNR in the area and we were excited to find the neighborhood cats showing up ear-tipped! It didn't take the cats long to find us and we have been caring for the same colony for several years.  At least once a year, we find new cats abandoned in our area.  These cats are routinely rescued and put up for adoption. Our colony is looked after at least twice daily and the cats know us when they see us.  We are happy to provide them with a safe, comfortable environment on our property.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Feral Cat House Plans, TNR, or FIV+ cats we would like to hear from you. Also, if you build cat houses from our plans, please take pictures to share with us. We would love to see the plans being put to good use.